Testimony 21 *** I/THE CHRIST came not to bring peace * but a sword/discord * GODLY SORROW ***

I am called Samuel Sebuliba, 25 year old Ugandan male Christian.

I grew up in a Christian home of two brothers and seven sisters, Dad and a step Mother. When I was a little boy, my dad separated from my mother and from that time on I have not seen my mother again. It's not easy living with such a vacuum in ones life as we all know what a mothers love means. But when I accepted the Lord Jesus as my Savior, He became my comfort and now I look up to him as He carries me in His bosom and He whispers to me "Son, you are going to make it". I have had my ups and downs in life; the worst moment was when my Dad could not tolerate me any more. For I was a stranger in my father's house. He told me to leave his home and that I was no longer worthy to be called his son. Streets became my dwelling place, talk about cold nights and going days without food. The worst came when even my even the people I called my friends, could not tolerate me anymore. No friends, no family... nothing could be worse than that. Even then God was a far off, it had been almost 3 years without going to church. It seemed like nothing good was ever going to happen to me, a high school graduate. I turned to alcohol and nightclubs became my bedroom. At one point when it seemed so hopeless, I asked God that I should die and get off the face of this cruel planet.

But thanks be to GOD for His goodness and mercy. Friend, we have a God of a SECOND CHANCE. Just when I was up to NOTHING, God was up to SOMETHING. He has taken my empty, void and formless life and He has given me purpose in life. "SOMETHING OUTA NOTHING... ".

Tears roll down my eyes every time I stand to minister and I ask myself how could it be that I have come this far. It only seems like yesterday when I was at my wits end, only yesterday. And now everything has taken a new turn in my life... "HOW COULD IT BE?".

At the beginning of this year 2003 God caused me to move to another town where I live now. He has blessed me with a new family of brethren. I am Youth Worship Leader. Glory to God!

After the rough childhood I experienced, God has given me a desire to help the suffering orphans through His Saving Grace Orphanage, where we give hope to the hopeless children, ministering the love of Jesus to them.

This is a blessing for me to be a channel of the Lord's blessing to His children. By his grace I have RECONCILED with my family and God has caused so much healing. If you are at the cross roads with your life right now and you just don't know what to do... JESUS CHRIST IS THE ANSWER. Just let him have his way in you and your life will not be the same again. I just returned from a mission to southern Sudan and God's power was present to save, heal and deliver HIS people who have suffered war for the last 20 years.

God Bless You.


IN LOVING MEMORY OF Faith Victoria Vincent

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