Tract 16, p1

Blessed To Be Hated I
(Jn 15:17-27)
Listen to the Spirit of the Word
Come ye after ME
And I will give you an inheritance
unto the Kingdom of God
Isa 49:1-8
Mk 1:17

Ps 111:6

SERVANTS (Mt 24:4-51) DISCIPLES (Jn 8:31-51) FRIENDS (Jn 15:14-16) of (Lk 11:5-13) HIS Name [the Word of God) (Rev 19:13) A Kingdom (Lk 22:29-32) this (Lk 22:20) NAME (Heb 7:22-28) [Spirit of prophecy] (Rev 19:10) The WORD (PhiI 2:1-13) is COME WITH POWER (Mk 9:1) [knowledge] (Hosea 4:1-7) THAT CAUSES EFFECTS (1 Th 2:13)

So, PROPHESY [publish * sound] JESUS is, THE CHRIST [SPIRIT KNOWLEDGE that quickeneth] (Jn 6:63) ALL POWER IN HEAVEN AND IN EARTH (Mt 28:18-20) Power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy [power to DO the works of God, and POWER TO SEE with understanding] hearing/LEARNED (Lk 10:19-24) Wise men (Prov 1:29-33) follow ME (Mt 4:19) [the Word] POWER (Is 11:2) A consuming fire (Heb 12:28-29) [Spirit mind of Christ] (2 Cor 3:4-6) anoited WITH the Holy Ghost and WITH fire (Lk 3:16-17)

So, the ministry of the SPIRIT OF CHRIST; is not according to man (1 Pet 4:1-12) But IS according to GOD THE FATHER (Jn 5:19-23) Neither is the ANSWER in man, but THE ANSWER TO LIFE IS MADE AVAILABLE TO MAN [YOU]; IN THE WORD (2 Pet 1:1-10) MY innocent shed blood [Spirit] (Eph 2:1-6) Virture [healing and deliverance] (Mt 14:35-36) AND glory [awakeness by the baptism of the Holy Ghost] (Phil 4:19-20 * Col 1) Yea,The FATHER giveth life, and breath and all things (Acts 17:25) of HIS Son [Spirit of grace] (2 Cor 9:5-1O) Glorifying THIS shed blood [Spirit] of prophecy (Rev 5:12-13) in heaven (Acts 3:19-26) AND earth (2 Cor 4:2-18) That THIS KINGDOM IS COME [Spirit of HIS Word] (Rom 14:16-19)

So, eat MY flesh and drink MY blood (Jn 6:53-70) Grace to PRODUCE righteousness (Mt 6:30-34) AND be not unrighteous [dead] (1 Jn 5:17) I COUNSEL THEE to be rich in the Spirit *** I REBUKE and chasten thee (Rev 3:18-19) Give not THY strength unto women, nor THY ways to that which destoreth kings (Prov 31:3) But let this mind be in you, CHRIST JESUS (Phil 2:1-5) Precept upon precept: line upon line (Is 28:13) SAYING (Heb 9:28) Except the LORD [Spirit mind of the Word] build the house (Ps 127:1) then are ye bastards, and not sons (Heb 12:1-8) Receive [accept] (Titus 3:1-8) the WISDOM (Prov 4:7-10) of MY anoited Word (Jas 3:17) The WAY (Jn 14:6) and only foundation (1 Cor 3:11) ABLE (2 Cor 9:8) for THEE [true tabernacle] to LIVE (Mt 23:23-28) Clothed with HUMILITY) (1 Pet 5:5-11) See your calling, brethern, how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are CALLED (1 Cor 1:26) Every TREE that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down (Mt 7:13-27) and cast into the fire (Mt 3:10-12)

So, EXAMINE their fruit (2 Ti 3:1-5) AND examine your fruit (Eph 5:1-18 * Ps 1:1) For many are called, but FEW ARE CHOSEN (Mt 22:11-14) for failure to build (Lk 6:20-49) AND maintain integrity (2 Ti 2:1-4) HUMBLE (Mt 18:3-4) to the life of God ) (Jas 4) [ability to love] even when DISTURBED (Mt 14:13-14) And this LOVE is the ability [compassion] to MINISTER/GIVE into the needs of others (Rom 10:3-15) MY anoited (Acts 4:10-12) NAME (Jn 6:63) [SpirituaI mind of the Word] (Heb 7:16-28) And those who leave ME [Spiritual mind of the Word] (2 Cor 13) shall inherit their PORTION with the hypocrites (Mt 24:48-51) But those who remain (Jn 6:64-69) with ME (Mk 3:11) Know how [learned] (2 Pet 3:17-18) to look up [seek] ME (Lk 13:24-27) thru MY WORD (Jas 4:6-10) As children (Lk 18:10-17) in their calling [needs] AND in the needs [calling] of others (Jn 15:1-17) To ABSTAIN (1 Th 5:22) from evil (Jas 3:15-16) AND (3 Jn 5-11) suffering (Heb 11:25-26) the Word [faith] righteousness (1 Pet 1:7-9) Tried by the FIRE of the Word (1 Cor 3:13 * Heb 9:14) To (2 Ti 2:21-26) bare in MY love (Jn 15:-12) the fruit (Mt 13:23) with signs following (Mk 16:15-20) MY anoited Name [Spirit of grace] (Jn 15:16 * 17:1-5) to fulfill all (Mt 3:15) righteousness [hoping for nothing in return] (Ps 23:3) without recompense beareth fruit [rewards] JUST (Lk 14:12-14) unto perfection [righteousness] (Mt 12:33-37) A LIVING SACRIFICE (Rom 12:1-2) Lose not your REWARD (Heb 2:1-2) Seeking your own profit [advantages] (1 Cor 10:33) But in mercy (Lk 6:35-36) follow MY example (Jn 13:15) of grace (Titus 3:1-11) I AM (2 Cor 9:8-13) forgiveness (1 Jn 1,2:1)

So, give MY grace, FORGIVE (Mt 6:14-15) too work the works of MY Father and your Father (Eph 1) WHILE IT IS DAY (Jn 9:1-5) By MY Spirit of grace (Jn 6:26-57) the Word (Jn 1:1-14) [the mind (Rom 8:6) of MY Spirit] in God to LOVE (1 Jn 4) AS I DO (Jn 6:38) of MY Father (Jn 8:28-29)

So, give GRACE, hold no ought against any (Mk 11:22-26) Judge not (1 Jn 8:14-18) BEHOLD [see] MY WAYS (Heb 10:20-26) Whatsoever you forgive (2 Cor 2:7-11) I also FORGIVE (Lk 6:37) And the works I see MY FATHER do (Jn 5:26-36 * Mt 16:27) destroys the EFFECTS of sin [the works of the devil] (Mk 2:17) As in heaven, so in earth (Lk 10:9-18) As sin hath reigned unto death, even so might GRACE reign through righteousness unto eternal life (Rom 5:15-21)

So, give the grace that bringeth Salvation (Titus 2:11-15) Quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword (Heb 4:12) And GOD is able to make all grace abound (2 Cor 9:8-15)

So, YOU in lowliness of mind, ESTEEM other better [greater] than yourself (Phil 12:1-8) Professing godliness, be modest in good works (1 Ti 2,3,4,5,6) And let your moderation be known unto all men (Phil 4:3-9) THAT godliness with contentment is great gain; So love not money [commerce] the love of money [root of all evil] to be rich (l Ti 6:1-11) But love God AND your neighbor (Mt 22:37-40) So you will not STARVE [be weak] (1 Th 4:6-12) FOR I (Ps 18:9) give you MY Spirit (Is 11:2) within MY Words (Jn 6:63) For all substance to be WITHIN you (Eph 3:9-11 * Heb 11:1-3)

So, I AM within the Word (1 Jn 4:13) to cause you to RECEIVE all this spiritual food [prophecy] prepared for you (Lk 22:19-32) To KNOW what YOU CAN KNOW (1 Cor 1:5-9) TO FIND THIS TREASURE [kingdom of MY Spirit mind) WILL in God (Jn 4:34-38) WITHIN MY WORDS (1 Cor 2) Taking the Word as ALL TRUTH, with wisdom (Prov 4:7 * Js 3:17) in fear (Prov 9:10) of the LORD (Pray 8:13)

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